How it Works

Customers shop in one of the many HUB’s and select options for purchase
by clicking “add to cart”. After shopping they click “Check Out”.

Then the magic happens! In our new custom program the buyers have the ability to shop by cane code, storage facility, price, and many other valued options. The buyer enters in the information for shipping, and the system automatically calculates shipping & handling. With the Grand Opening on March 17th, the Semen Hub will now be able to accept credit cards. After paying for the order, buyers will get emails with information to assist with registration of progeny created, tracking numbers when shipments start their journey, and receipt. Customers will have the ability in the near future to also get suggested offerings for additional purchases. After purchase, buyers can log in to the Semen Hub and view past purchases. We value our repeat customers, so they will get special offerings for a complete e-commerce experience.

Sell Semen

Selling your frozen semen has never been easier.

After buyers purchase inventory clients will receive an email Purchase Order with the details of what the Semen Hub has sold. Clients will be issued a Cashier’s Check same day as order is placed. For clients that accept credit cards, immediate payments can be made. In addition to the Purchase Order a release form will be sent along for your convenience. This release will have all the details on number of units, name of animal, and account information. Just hit the forward button and send the release form to the storage facility. They will already have a Shipping Order with all the details.

As a valued client, you will have 24/7 access to the Semen Hub with creation of your username and password.

You will be able to have complete control of your inventory. This is your inventory! You can hide inventory for your eyes only. Set replenishment quantities when you want to be notified that inventory is getting low. Add managers and additional account access personnel. View your entire personal inventory from all storage facilities, including personal tanks. Change prices as you feel necessary, and in the future every client will have the ability to create special offerings. Details will be rolled out over the coming months.


Help us Help You!

Please send us as much information on your animal as you can. The Semen Hub takes the information age and levels the playing field. Customers like different things and the more options and information we can give them, the more chance we have to sell your inventory.

Customer and client service is our priority. We are here to ask questions, get advice, or just do the work for you. Updates to the new website and software will be constant. This is a market that constantly changes and we will be changing to keep you ahead of it.

Cross marketing. Many ranchers raise more than one breed of animal. For that reason, we will be offering cross marketing to expand your possible customer base even further.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!