When you submit your order, you may get an error sign that comes up, however, orders are going through the first time, Please do not reorder your product, we will send you an e-mail letting you know we got the order or you can call 979-906-0043. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are trying to fix this issue. Thank you!!!! 


 Each animal has a note that "Buyer is responsible for shipping & handling". We currently will release the semen into your name at the perspective storage location that you buy inventory from. The storage facility will handle any shipping or storage that you require. Shipping to most locations within the United States estimate from $125 - $180 (this can more than double for overnight shipments), this includes a round trip for the specialized shipping container via FedEx or UPS depending on the facility. Please note that the location that the inventory will be sent should have the proper storage tank to transfer the inventory into. Storage cost at most facilities ranges from $0.03 - $0.11/straw. 

 So you want the "Easy Button" for shipping, yes we provide that service. The Semen Hub will handle all the shipping needs for your order. It will be a separate charge that will include the shipping fees from the facility and a nominal handling fee. Just give us a call at 979-906-0043, we would be happy to help you.

 With the flexibility of our new website, we are currently working on having a fully integrated shipping platform to seamlessly work with your orders. Working with dozens of shipping facilities, who utilize the services of both UPS and FedEx, and each has their own pricing structure, the current stock shipping platform just wasn't built for that kind of use. We are working to do everything we can to make your shopping experience an easy and great experience. 

Do you have more questions? Please contact us:

Call/Text: 979-906-0043    E-mail at semenhub@gmail.com

 Email: Semen Hub

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/semenhub/

Sell Semen

Selling your frozen semen has never been easier.

Sires are presented with pictures, video if available, pedigree information, EPD's when applicable, and presented with multiple sorting options to help buyers find the best sire for their program. Utilizing a dedicated e-commerce platform, each sire is given a spotlight to make a contribution to the genetic pool within its given registry.


As a valued customer, you will have 24/7 access to the Semen Hub.

Our customers asked for it, and the Semen Hub has delivered. With the new version of the Semen Hub, greater sorting ability for storage facilities, price, types of semen is now available. Your feedback is important to us and we welcome you to read and make reviews on the sires we have presented. It seems like a long time coming for something seemingly as simple as buying frozen semen to have an "add to cart" button. We are happy to say, it works! View pedigrees as they appear in the registry, shop for just the type of semen you want for the budget you set and contact us directly to get more information or ask any questions, especially the kind that you wouldn't dare post on social media.

                               HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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