Texas Longhorn AI Protocol

Day 1:  2 cc Cystorelin (Gonadorelin Diacetate Tetrahydrate) and place CIDR in cows.  

Day 7-8 pull CIDR, give 5 cc Lutalyse ( 6 cc on really large cows).  

On cows that are hard to get in heat can you give 2 cc Estradiol a day after Lutalyse.  

 If cows don't show signs of heat, wait 13 days from Lutalyse and give 5 cc of Lutalyse again.   

 If you are not watching standing heats breed 60-72 hrs after the first Lutalyse shot.   

Rates are SIGNIFICANTLY better when waiting for standing heat and breeding 8-12 hrs after standing heat.  

To breed with a second straw or what I refer to as “bookend the heat cycle” wait 12 hours after the first straw and breed again with a second straw. This is best recommended when you are using a technician that is working with Texas Longhorns for the first time, or if this is the first time you are working with the cow in your artificial insemination program, or working with an older cow that is 10 years or older. 

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