Horn Showcase Winner: Argentum 7

Still means silver, earns bronze.

What better name for a grulla bull than the name Silver or translated in Latin, Argentum. As one of seven bulls to cross over into Club 90 Bulls in 2023. At the time of writing this article, he ranked the 25th fastest to 90" at a speedy 1432 days. Making him the only 90" tip to tip grulla bull. 

Argentum 7

 Grulla is easily one of the Registered Texas Longhorn industries favorite colors. While it is a very popular color, it is as hard to create and duplicate as it is to produce long horned versions of it. 

 One of the first bulls to really make it big on both his grulla color and horn was LVR Lucky Malachi. He was pretty consistent in the production of his color and he was equally consistent in the production of horn for his time.

  Most grulla colored Longhorns are created with a black and dunn cross. In most cases this means that the grulla calf will have black horns slowing down horn growth.

 The black to grulla crossover for Argentum 7 is six generations back. Having five generations straight back of grulla ancestors gives Argentum 7 a nice strong genetics disposition to create the coveted color. It's interesting that even though many have found this color to be very profitable and desirable, very few breeders have thought to double down on the color breeding both a grulla bull and a grulla cow together for even one generation, much less several generations. 

 Beyond the color of Argentum 7 is his amazing horn growth. His sire Gold Mine 1 was the 12th bull to reach Club 40 Bulls in the Gallery of Horns. His dam who is the longest grulla cow reaching over 90" tip to tip, PCC Dazzle Doll is also the highest selling grulla cow ever, selling for a whopping $70,000 at the 2022 Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale

 He's still a young bull and he with a lot of life ahead of him, but he has a great start with the power behind him to be a wonderful production bull. His first calf crop shows a tremendous amount of promise and it will be a lot of fun to see what Argentum 7 can do for this industry. 

 Currently Argentum 7 has not been collected, but plans are in the works. In the meantime if you are looking to create your own grulla offspring, consider PCC Run Away Gray. He has both conventional and heifer sexed semen available. (pictured here)

PCC Run Away Gray

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