Horn Showcase Winner: Cowboy Tuff Chex

Cowboy Tuff Chex is still the longest

Cowboy Tuff Chex has broken record after record for most of his life. During the Horn Showcase measuring contest that was October 12-14, 2023 the Guinness Book of World Record holder continued his reign as the longest-horned bull in the world. He measured in at an astonishing 106 3/4" tip to tip. 

In 2023 Cowboy Tuff Chex also broke a new record becoming the longest-horned bull for the longest time. The former title holder of this record was GF Heavy Hitter who held the title for just under 10 years, while Cowboy Tuff Chex is now over 10 years as the longest-horned bull. Of course, the next question is will another bull ever beat him? If so, who will it be and when? For this article, we will continue to focus on Cowboy Tuff Chex. 

Gallery of Horns Factoids!

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been sold in semen and millions of dollars of offspring have been sold. Cowboy Tuff Chex set the bar for what breeders wanted to raise. Only a few have been able to break even one record of his, and he continues to raise the bar ever higher making him more than a great bull, but a true legend. 

As a legend, Cowboy Tuff Chex has begun to change even the meaning of what a legend is within the Registered Texas Longhorn breed. His production of bulls is unmatched and without a current challenger. Going back to the Club 100 Bulls, two of them are sons and one is a grandson. His production of 90"+ tip-to-tip daughters is so good that he ranks as one of the top 5 sires of 90" cows. Of the top-ranking sires, he is the only living bull on the list. Cowboy Tuff Chex has so many daughters moving up the list, that he may soon move into the number one position breaking yet another record.

Cowboy Tuff Chex as a young prospect bull calf

Record Breaking

Let's talk about breaking records. Cowboy Tuff Chex changed the industry and made Texas Longhorn enthusiasts look at what this breed was capable of doing. The success of Cowboy Tuff Chex:

  • First bull to reach 40" tip to tip at 12 months old.
  • First bull to reach 80" tip to tip before 24 months old.
  • Fastest bull to 60", 70", 80", 90", and 100" tip to tip during his growth.
  • On 10/6/13 the first Registered Texas Longhorn bull was officially measured 90 1/8" tip to tip, making Cowboy Tuff Chex not only the first bull to be measured over 90", but the first bull to reach 90" that is out of a cow (BL Rio Catchit) that is over 90" tip to tip.
  • The first bull to reach 100" tip to tip and total horn, and did so without any other bull entering Club 90, leaving the club vacant. 
  • He would stand alone in Club 100 Bulls from 2016 - 2022.
  • Sire to 2 sons over 100" tip to tip.
  • The longest-horned bull for over 10 years.
  • First bull to have 10 sons over 90" tip to tip.
  • Won the most 1st place bronzes in official horn measuring competitions.
  • Highest selling Registered Texas Longhorn bull at public auction, selling for $165,000. 

Did I miss any records, let me know what they are in the comments below.

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If you are serious about horn production, Cowboy Tuff Chex is the ultimate legend in the Registered Texas Longhorn breed. Thanks to the science of semen collection Cowboy Tuff Chex is available for anyone in the United States of America to use via frozen semen.

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