Horn Showcase Winner: Jam Box

Winner by over 11" tip to tip!

Beating the next challenger by over 11" tip to tip is just the start. Jam Box doubles down by beating his next competitor with over 26" more of total horn. Easily taken home three bronzes for tip to tip, total horn, and composite. Jam Box is moving so fast that he is going to be in Club 100 Bulls very soon, and might even make it before his next birthday. This will make him the fastest growing bull born in 2019. 

Jam Box

Much of the Registered Texas Longhorn industry doesn't find this horn style appealing. However, in recent years that has begun to change. Given his pedigree for twist, this horn style is a good indicator of twist horned genetics. In the past bulls like this would be used on high horned cows with a lot of total horn that don't twist out. In modern genetics this cross would likely still be a strong breeding decision to make. What didn't exist in the past that the industry is starting to see more of is heavy based animals. Depending on the genetics, this is a great horn style to help add twist and shape while also trimming down some of the thickness of the horns. 

 He has not been collected yet. He is currently scheduled to have semen available in 2024. Check back to this page or the Semen Hub inventory for availability. If you like what you see in Jam Box, consider making your own by using DROP BOX semen

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