Horn Showcase Winner: Pacific Cowboy 40

A Closer Look at Pacific Cowboy 40

 During the Horn Showcase measuring contest that was October 12-14, 2023 Pacific Cowboy 40 won his class for bulls born 2013-2015 with a tip-to-tip measurement of 99.125". While he did give up 1st place for total horn to Tuff Trash Chex, he did manage to make up the difference to win composite. 

Owned by used by many great ranches, he remained largely unknown in the industry for many years. It's only been in the last year that he has been thrust into the spotlight. He did gain some momentum in 2022 as his offspring began to make their way to the consignment sales. Like many bulls, one of the greatest obstacles he has had to face is having enough progeny to supply the industry. To date Pacific Cowboy 40 has just under 140 offspring (December 2023). Take a closer look at Pacific Cowboy 40 live statistics below.

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Back in 2015, looking at Pacific Cowboy 40 it is easy to see why he was a easy selection to keep as a prospect. By the standards today, it might have been far more difficult to save this youngster. Keep that in mind in your bull prospect selections. At that time he was just shy of 40" tip to tip at a year. Add that to his pedigree, and it's likely most any breeder would look at Pacific Cowboy 40 as their next up and coming herd sire. 

Today he is marketed as a 12 time Horn Showcase winner. Would you agree that this bull was worth keeping?

Pacific Cowboy 40 as a yearling

Why has it taken so long 

In an industry that moves at speed, and everyone owns 4 bulls herd sires and 20 bulls, it isn't surprising that even a bull like Pacific Cowboy 40 might be looked over for a while. I say a while because today he has finally made it to the big leagues working in some serious herds. For the breeders that took a chance on him, they are just now starting to see the dividends of their work. Even though semen has been available on him for a long time, only 7 offspring have been created with semen of the 139 that are registered. Four of those are born between 2022 and 2023. 

Is it too late to jump on board with Pacific Cowboy 40. Well, only you can answer that for your specific program. However, in any creation of a bull it is the production that makes or breaks the legacy of that bull. If you are looking for RC Pacific Mermaid genetics with a different twist from everything else out there, this might be your bull. If you want to move at speed, do your homework and find some daughters out of him and start there. This may cost you more than you are comfortable with, but the time you save will pay you back in big dividends. 

RNL FREDRICK semen for sale

Taking a different approach and utilizing the cravings of anticipation might lead you to take a educated risk on a son of Pacific Cowboy 40. 

When a son or daughter out performs the sire, that is when a bull truly becomes a proven sire. In many cases breeders will look at the way offspring are trending, and in this case one son is standing out in a huge way! 

This is RNL Fredrick, and he is currently (December 2023) the 7th fastest bull to Club 90 Bulls in the Gallery of Horns.  

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